Pamela Dianita (パメラ) (pucchan_17) wrote in gazeguitar_rabu,
Pamela Dianita (パメラ)

[FIC] Forbidden Love Story. (Oneshot) AoixUruha

Title: Forbidden Love Story.

Author: pucchan_17 

Beta: konicoffee 

Pairing: AoixUruha.

Chapter: Oneshot.

Rating: R.

Genre: Fantasy, vampiric, angst, fail fluff.

Warning: Character’s death.

Disclaimer: I own the plot ONLY. Originally inspired by Vampire Knight manga.

Summary: Uruha has to do it. It’s his job. His duty. But…at the end, he will live happily forever with him, but not here.

A/N: Uruha’s POV. I know, I fail putting in the fluff part, but I hope you guyscould find the fluff part, lol. XD and as always, your comment is total ♥! :3



“I’m so sorry,” I sobbed, trembling while I set my finger on the trigger. )
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